How To Start Trading

Crypto is very accessible, although some may not enjoy the fact that most legitimate exchanges require access to a debit or bank account and verification of identification to start trading. 

To begin, go to, this will allow you to hook up a debit card and buy BTC, ETH, and LTC directly. I recommend buying 150$ of ETH from Coinbase after following the instructions on the site.

When you buy, there will be a few days (up to a week) time when the transaction is being verified by the nodes. This is the time to start your sign up for This site opens up the options for Alt-Coins which are crypto currencies with technology that builds upon the BTC, ETC, and few other architectures. 

I recommend sending $50 USD worth of ETH from Coinbase to your now verified Poloniex account (check a tutorial on how to do this or hit me up on FB or Twitter. You should now have 50$ ETH in Coinbase and $100 ETH in Poloniex, minus the transfer fees and any market losses (or gains). 

At this point you have a nice chunk in ETH in Coinbase acting as a High Risk Holdings Account. Liquid assets whill flow out of this account into your choice of exchange to speculate on alt coins for additional profits.

GNO Buy Wall

Prediciton Markets are huge assets to the Crypto Market infrastructure. Currently they serve as sports betting or gambling portals mostly, but future applications lie in data sets for large scale marketing and user experience analytics as well as AI training. 

AUGUR (REP) and GNOSIS (GNO) Are leading PRediction market based Crypto Coins.

GNO is about to go off. Buy wall is massive, get it while you can. 

Xrp MIT Review - Ripple and it's functionality

I'm watching this alt coin currently, Japanese love it, dozens of banks already integratting the parent project of the ripple platform. The the real value here is that it's 40% faster than BTC in transaction verification and isn't minable. Read this and learn more.

Watch Ripple to continue this growth over the next week as news spreads about the new MIT article. In crypto understanding and timing the release of news and information about Crypto is paramount. Any change in confidence int he market means that change of hands of crypto is bound to occur. Making sure you have enough fluid assets at hand to capitalize on these trades is a key rule for anyone considering trading at a higher volume.