How To Start Trading

Crypto is very accessible, although some may not enjoy the fact that most legitimate exchanges require access to a debit or bank account and verification of identification to start trading. 

To begin, go to, this will allow you to hook up a debit card and buy BTC, ETH, and LTC directly. I recommend buying 150$ of ETH from Coinbase after following the instructions on the site.

When you buy, there will be a few days (up to a week) time when the transaction is being verified by the nodes. This is the time to start your sign up for This site opens up the options for Alt-Coins which are crypto currencies with technology that builds upon the BTC, ETC, and few other architectures. 

I recommend sending $50 USD worth of ETH from Coinbase to your now verified Poloniex account (check a tutorial on how to do this or hit me up on FB or Twitter. You should now have 50$ ETH in Coinbase and $100 ETH in Poloniex, minus the transfer fees and any market losses (or gains). 

At this point you have a nice chunk in ETH in Coinbase acting as a High Risk Holdings Account. Liquid assets whill flow out of this account into your choice of exchange to speculate on alt coins for additional profits.

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