The Start of Something New

Ponder and I had this idea a while ago: to start a site that explored who we were as people, while trying to connect those ideas with others... you. So after about a month of procrastination, we got this up and running.  PonderJaunt is all about getting those ideas that swim inside our fantasies, our day dreams, our late night mind adventures, and writing them down; exploring our progression as humans wherever that might take us.    

We aren't after that normal internet experience, we want this to be a get away. Simple, neat, and beautiful. The homepage is just our navigation, and oh how we adore that large triangle. It's actually meaningful, and to the people who work to discover that meaning, kudos. Everything here has a meaning, from the colors, to the posts, the music and art too. It's not that we just put things up on this space because we are bored, rather this space will hold significance to where we are, and where we are going as people, as a culture.

It's personal, but it's not a blog.

Blogs have become these ugly things, social media has created this overwhelming pull to conform. Blogs that where once pure, unedited, virtual getaways are now just windows that people want to be filled with bullshit: objects that you want others to see. This site is what we don't want you to see, but you seemed to stumble to upon it anyways. Just like all the Edens on this earth, PonderJaunt will try to stay pure for as long as possible.

Hi my name is Jaunt.

The way we aim to do things are as follows: The site is segregating into three sections Mind, Mouth, and Eyes. Through these three portals we hope to take you on a journey of epic proportions, we want you to think, question, and admire everything you read, see, and listen. It's simple really, our postings are all open game! inquire about them. Rage against them. Embrace them. As long as something inside of you reacts, we will continue to cause those reactions.


Mind is our place for wisdom and idiosyncratic thought. Wisdom is not knowledge, but the exploration of the possibilities of knowledge. You won't find truths here, but the simple beginnings of truth. The questions that start it all. I'm sure you have thought about the impossibilities of the world or day dreamed about why we are alive... we have too. and Mind is for those thoughts, those rants, those dreams. 


Mouth is our place for vocal discussion and music. Simple really, we will be uploading talks, discussions, and human dialogues (our own and others). Music, the second theme of Mouth, is composed of the music that makes our world go round. Some of you more astute readers may question why we don't have an "ears" section. and that's simple: Ear's are weird, mouths are sexy.


Visual stimulation. Photography, creative art, fashion, film, anything that isn't text based goes in this section. These kick starters of the imagination will sometimes be re-posted to Mind in order to spark discussions on them, but in Eyes they remain pure and unexplored.

And so it begins...

There you have it. Why we are doing this, how we are doing this. If you feel similarly minded talk with us, we want to be your letter to the editor, your space to vent, talk, think. Your mental home away from home. Contact us anytime at


Below you have the opportunity to submit content you would like to see on PonderJaunt, Photos, films, discussion topics, anything and everything! Simply fill the form out, with the content either linked, or described and we will take it from there! So go on, become apart of our ponderings!

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