Andy Goldsworthy


Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist currently living and working in Scotland. As a young man, Goldsworthy toiled as a farm laborer. He incorporates the rhythm of working he acquired on the farm into the creation of his artwork. He creates site-specific works in natural, secluded places as it is consistent with his motif of physical labor within nature. Since his work is site-specific, the surrounding environment is a complementary and necessary aspect to his earth-tied creations. His goal is to make sculptures that function with the processes of nature rather than trying to defy them. Nature is always in a state of change and readjusting equilibrium, giving the work created by Goldsworthy an innate characteristic of natural adaptation. The contact Goldsworthy has with the environment is all part of realizing the sculpture. The piece is not planned out before the location is chosen but, rather is inspired by the location itself and the materials it offers. Goldsworthy's philosophy is that change and decay are the life source of nature that his work must tap.


Although his work is always being destroyed, it always exists in some form. A line of stones covered by sand, a leaf absorbed by soil, and a rock that has fallen or displaced all represent the organic lifespan of his work . By creating work that flows naturally with the environment, both visually and physically, he creates a new understanding of his surroundings and possibilities of the materials.