Ponder Picks: Moon Rise Kingdom

Wes Anderson's newest addition to his hyper-whimsical, twee portrayal of human emotional and social development, 'Moonrise Kingdom' Was released earlier this year and focuses on the emotion maturation of youth. 

Focusing on visually stimulating frames, and scenes stuffed with era stylized props, Anderson takes his audience on a journey that can be taken both at surface level and much deeper.

 Appealing to all age groups, the message is just as universally appetizing, maturity is a journey that we must all travel and Anderson presents it in a way that those that have walked the road, and those that stand at it's beginning can appreciate. 

The film creates questionably real scenarios of love, loss, betrayal, and the battle between chaos and order. All these themes can be extracted by such a whimsically complex production that encompasses all that Wes Anderson has constructed as a method motif director. Inserted left just shows that complexity within a still frame, Our protagonist is faced with the doubt of his future, while quite literally be faced with what the director shows us is his future.  These seemingly obscure messages are what make the film so alluring. As if everything has so much purpose, and no purpose at all. Similar to some of Stanley Kubrick's set work, Anderson employs the work of props and framing to characterize and explore meaning as much as the dialogue and plot.


Sure to be remembered as one of Anderson's best, Moonrise kingdom shows us that simple is not always so. The whimsy nature of the film is the facade for a deep emotional struggle against the forces of law and order, while exploring good and bad, and growing up. Artistically gorgeous, the film is a must see for any Anderson fans, or those who can relate with a story about maturing in a world that doesn't quite understand you.