Ponder Picks: The Fall

Tarsem Singh's visual masterpiece, The Fall, is one of the most strikingly under appreciated films I have ever seen. Using a wonderfully set 1920's hospital as a drab yet uniquely beautiful facade, Tarsem is able to balance contrast perfectly with the vivid, imaginative, and downright unbelievable scenery showcasing many of Earth's natural and architectural wonders. The transportation into the 1920's is almost as exciting as the transportation into the fantasy side of the film, which quickly paints a picture so real, that like the young protagonist, all the viewer wants is to finish the story. What could be, and would be shown as a simple drama about life and death, is instead shown to us through the eyes of a child, where black and white is non-existent, and all things are painted with a shade of gray.   

The cinematographic methods used in this film are so unbelievably majestic that even transitions between what is real and what is fantasy is blurred by artistic grace.  From the color compositions of costumes, to the frame composition of shots, the unreal levels of coordination and detail needed to execute some shots are extremely impressive. A fantasy within the past, The Fall is the most engrossing journey into film I have traveled in a very long time. If you Cinematic legends such as Cinema Paridisimo or The Princess Bride, be sure to catch this film.