Film For Thought: Educate the Heart

The film's title, Educate the Heart , sounds cliche but its wise and meaningful statement forces me to ponder. Its sincerity and good intentions reflect from my thoughts on the society we live in. Where is this great generation headed? We have so much knowledge and potential but once we loose kindness in our actions, and compassion in our hearts, we loose the part that keeps us human. The part of us that resists lonesomeness and greed. It is that something inside us all that connects us to one-another. An artist for example expresses emotions through his work. A profession filled with passion and creativity. That's something with a broad range of opportunities-applicable in every day life. Well what comes of a mad scientist? One who is incapable of social appliance is simply one designated for a specific cause. In no way do I slander the works of math or science. I only support the compromise between the mind and heart. Both are key roles to our success.

The children we bring into this world are bodies equipped with great minds. Minds with greater intelligence and more capability than our own. Minds part of a new generation that will some-day mold the minds of the newer. Who are we to deny them this compromise in education? Our future must not be one whose society deprives its youth of love and compassion. We must express these feelings into our new youth so that love, compassion, and other ethics of trust and responsibility do not diminish, but grow into something greater. Even something too great to understand in our life-time. Our cultures should evolve with their intelligence. Our people should want to feel more importance in our ethics and morals. Even in our life-times we have witnessed advancements in society's intelligence. We intelligent beings create unimaginable technologies but still share a never-ending sense of materialism and greed. It seems as though our minds have evolved however, our morals haven't.

If we truly want to prepare our youth for the future we must "educate the heart." Only with this mind-set will we find a compromise. I have optimism in creating this foundation for the youth's future. A future whose youth is prepared for this world. This world that so earnestly seeks improvement. A youth with a "balanced education. That puts importance on educating both the mind and the heart."