As I Sit Here Living

I realized I made a mistake recently, a rather large one in fact. Instead of going and telling you exactly what I did (which is rather embarrassing, and will be counter productive to what I'm about to tell you), I am going to tell you how to cope with all the mistakes we make as humans. 

Please realize that this is my opinion. If you read this next sentence I am assuming you understand and accept the previous one so we can continue: Mistakes can cripple us emotionally, slow us down mentally, and might affect some people physically but the journey to overcoming those negative effects give us the strength to continue to make mistakes. Personally, I go through specific symptoms every time I error. I am usually always racked with the cliche stomach-pit feeling, and a racing mind running through all the ways I just ruined my entire life. Physically I might get shaky sometimes, but it would have to be major and luckily I don't make too many major mistakes just thousands of tiny ones! 

However today was the realization of a major one, which is worse than making the mistake in the first place.  face it, when you goof up, you don't usually realize it right away. If you do it's a major mistake and I know that feel, but back to that dreadful realization: that feeling of mentally and emotionally accepting that you, a sentient human being, dun goofed is the first step of coming to terms with the mistake itself. It is also the most draining of the steps (emotionally, mentally, and physically), but is absolutely necessary! Now when this realization happens it is comparable to a punch in the stomach or smashing your head against the freezer door, that sudden and unquestionable understanding that you aren't perfect isn't easy to cope with and can lead to serious compounding problems. so avoid the repercussions of not coming to terms with yourself properly and follow my advice:

  1. Name your mistake clearly in your head
  2. Name the cause of the mistake
  3. Name the effects of the mistake for as far into the future as suits you
  4. Name how the mistake can be remedied (may not be possible)
  5. If you answer "Not possible" to #4 then name how the effects of the mistake can be remedied
  6. get on with your life

there are some valuable tips with the above advice!

  • Breathe deeply throughout the entire process
  • allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the thought process mentioned above!

Wait become overwhelmed by it? How does that make sense? Well if you have ever heard the idiom 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' you certainly can relate that saying to your current situation. Let the emotions and mental struggle almost completely overwhelm you, think about the most terrible repercussions you can think of... and simply fight that overwhelming experience and get things back to normal.



By allowing yourself to be nearly overwhelmed by the situation, you are conditioning yourself to accept the absolute worst situations you can find yourself in as a consequence of your mistake. By accepting the negatives, you are affirming your right to say, "that went better than expected". If we never consider the negatives we become unprepared to accept them down the word. This can lead to rash actions, depression, and an overall terrible experience later on in life.

The key is accepting the decisions you have made in this life, and running with the consequences. Good or bad, our decisions define who we are to ourselves, but the consequences of those decisions define who we are to other people. 

We make mistakes. Let's help ourselves get over them.