High Maintenance - Olivia

Throughout the coming weeks, every Friday we will be featuring Ben Sinclair's and  Katja Blichfeld's "High Maintenance" web series here on mind and dissect what exactly each installment means to today's society, and tomorrows. These short injections into the lives of many individuals whose only thing in common is their weed dealer is not only a powerful tool to help see into the varying facets of the modern social dichotomy, but also a masterful introduction to the world of web series and episodic shorts which will be features far into the future of Ponderjaunt. So sit back relax and enjoy 

High Maintenance explores, in a different way in each installment, the idea of attachment, and care. In this episode not only do we see a duo of socially high maintenance individuals, but we also peer into the the world that they have created around themselves. It is not simply the fact that these people require more attention then others, but the fact that the subjects themselves thrive off the attention and interaction with those they deem to be underneath them both socially and culturally and feel the need to perpetuate those interactions continuously. They crave the feeling of superiority and therefore create a life where at every occasion they must assert themselves as crass, harsh, and haughty individuals. A high maintenance life that must be sustained through their interactions with other people, interactions that are volatile and gaudy to the viewer.