Humanity's Web

I love the internet. Love it. I think it is the crown of human achievement, many would argue with me while scoffing at my ignorance. Although I could be right, I can't pretend I'm some omniscient techno-wizard that can just instantly know the right answers to these tough debates that I argue internally. I'm more afraid of being wrong because I have pondered so long on the topic of the internet that I feel it has defined me as a person, and that definition proving false could make me question, well, me. Thankfully I've though long enough to assure myself that I am right in thinking that the internet is the greatest asset to humanity in existence though, let me tell you why:

  1. The Internet is the door to the greatest collection of human knowledge in the known universe
  2. The internet acts as the greatest vessel of humanity in creation
  3. The internet is fluid

Over the course of human history we have relied on the passing of knowledge in order to survive. Hell, it's hardwired in our DNA; the transfer of genetic information is the base form of data transfer, the original Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V. The absence of this data transfer is detrimental to our existence as humans. Prehistory is called that for a reason, the lack of written tradition and culture slowed us down as a species more than any other set back we have ever faced. The ability to share knowledge is the single greatest asset to our humanity and survival as a species, so much so that I bet our thumbs are jealous. If I learn something today, and tell no one tomorrow, then humanity remains ignorant. I am one of many, and if the one is knowledgeable and the many ignorant, what goals can we realistically achieve? It all comes down to the sharing of knowledge, and this is where our glorious internet shines. knowledge held by elites throughout the centuries is now wildly available to anyone with web access (some would argue that the elite still controls this knowledge  but we will save that for another day). The secrets of empires, the mysteries of the galaxy, the cooking recipes of mother-dearest... all available at the end of a URL. What other creation on this earth is more powerful, or more important then that of mass education. Ignorance is the greatest weapon against our race and history holds too many examples of it.The Internet is the door to the greatest collection of human knowledge in the known universe.

knowledge is a great indicator of humanity. We have held most of our greatest champions in reverence for their wisdom, and not just book smarts, but wisdom in all it's forms. Knowledge of compassion,  empathy, and other emotions have swayed entire populations. Knowledge of the human body, and how to destroy it, has created empires overnight. But of all of this wisdom we have learned to understand and accept that the common knowledge of the individual is the most powerful. That knowledge born of discussion, likes, dislikes, is the most powerful. And experimenting with those feelings and opinions link us all together creating the base for the construction of the human condition. The internet has given us the opportunity to explore who we are as individuals like never before: Image boards giving people the opportunity to see the world's natural beauty, forums connecting people of similar interests yet different cultures, and the ability to communicate emotion and felling in every medium imaginable at the blink of an eye are just a few... we have finally unlocked the ultimate tool of expression, and that expression is what creates our humanity. The internet acts as the greatest vessel of humanity in creation

With all of these examples, with all the talk, it comes down to one thing: fluidity. There are not many non-sentient living, breathing things on this earth. However, the Internet is one. It grows, changes, lives and dies, just as we do. Communities are born, grow, shrivel, and die overnight just as ours do. Social trends and norms wax and wane like the tide while the internet continues to exist, as we do. It's the technological realization of our own nature. We have created our own little universe filled with hopes, dreams, evils, and nightmares and it's beautiful just like we are. The internet is fluid.

I'm so right this time.