Mechasnisms in Society

This Holiday season we are ambushed with such jovial feelings that we often forget that humanity sucks. The responsibilities placed on every human's shoulders not to get up and kill people everyday is a responsibility that society holds, shapes, and nurtures.  If that society cannot dissuade people to not kill each other, a negative action, then society has no right persuading it's members how to live positively either.

If gun violence is the product of a society, then that society is flawed. Flawed not at it's core, which could be argued is man himself, but flawed in the guidance of it's core, man. If gun violence is the product of one persons deranged behavior, then the violence stems from the individual. The single unit of a society does not define that society. Just as the actions of one man do not define the actions of all others. We as a species are not uniform, not perfect, we do not bend to natural laws that force us to behave a certain way like other entities in the universe. We have freewill, and choice. We have the power to create, invent, and utilize our sphere of influence. Because of this, as humans, we are individually powerful enough to sustain ourselves, yet we choose to erect societies to feel safe from the unknown. These societies do not represent our individual self,  but the collective entrenchment of many selves, thus blurring  the individual portrait and instead painting society a clear cultural one. This loss of clear Individual humanity establishes a rift between the individual and it's society, a person cannot identify with his culture when reflecting individually, yet can do so when he sheds that individually and sees himself part of a group, a club, an organisation, a religion... We shed our individuality to embrace the safety of acceptance and commutative understanding, our society. This transition to 'group think' defines the core of society, not the individual.

  The mechanism itself is not to blame for the actions of the society that created it, or the man who operates it. Individual actions are cause for individual consequences. This problem cannot be blamed on a mechanism created by a corrupt society, but on the society itself as this society has decided to flee the individual and embrace the collective thinking of groups. These many groups and their influence are to blame, for no decision can be made and accepted by man universally, yet a when a group makes a decision that decision rings with the voices of much of humanity, and it is held as valid.  

A mechanism is one voice. 

Let us instead turn and listen to the to voice of our society, that is so loud and chaotic multiple people have decided to take action against it in a short span of weeks.

If your first outcry when faced with the travesties of gun violence is to scream for gun control, then you scream for an easy solution, you scream for regulating the mechanism, you scream for empowering an object over a man. For empowering a society over the individual. 

If we are to take ourselves seriously, then we must realize that our culture, and our society is to blame for any acts that are perpetrated by members of that culture and that society. For a man's actions are his own, but a societies actions are forced to be everyone's.

If one man pulls a trigger, not all men will, yet if society pulls that trigger all men must.

The day we blame our mechanism as the cause for our corruption is the day we shed our individual humanity and give control of our fate to the mechanisms and societies we create.

The same ignorant, omnipotent creation, and blatant, unquestionable faith that we question our Gods for.