POP - An Indie Game

POP, an Indie Game experience brought to you by developer Robert Lach, is the mental equivalence to tearing open a doorway into the mind of a time traveling demon. More than a simple 'game', POP is an adventure through a series of Mini Games and pixilated cut scenes that test your ability to stay sane midst a screen blasted with excellent original audio tracks and borderline epileptic visuals. 

7 games take the user on a journey unparalleled to anything I've experienced, From launching a shuttle into space, to guiding a ship through a storm, each game has it's unique art and music, which draws the player into the experience. Soon it's a blur of action, intrigue and confusion all wrapped up into a single-play manageable package. POP is something to be admired in a industry where bigger is better, more means the most, and alternative direction is dangerous.   

As an avid gamer, POP is a breath of fresh air. Although at times extremely abusive to the senses, the game remains an attractive and heart racing experience as your mind attempts to validate what is happening on your screen, and your body races to complete the mini games and function through the abrasive assault of strobe effects and mesmerizing music. As your first play through wraps itself up, one cannot help but feel as if they missed the point, almost like you blinked and missed the whole meaning. It took me 5 play-throughs, and the writing of this review to start to 'perhaps' draw some sort of meaning between the various episodic games, or to at least convince myself that this game did not just leave me a shivering husk of a man, confused, and insane. If you are looking for an eye opener, or perhaps a good old dose of 'what the hell just happened' pick up POP Today!

POP is available in a 'pay-what-you-want' capacity from Popme1.com