The Wonder of Wonder

I wish to live a slow life. A slow life in a fast world. The 'fast world' part is possible now, I just need to work on the 'slow life' part. While I do, I like to sit and think about what that life will entail. Sitting and wondering what has the possibility to be is one of my favorite things to do. It's the reason I started this site, and it's the reason I post to Mind. These ponder jaunts (yep that's where the phrase comes from) are what, I would like to think, separates me from the rest of you. For what I think about, is not what you think about. In fact, my thoughts are what define me as a person, not my clothes, not my grades, not my job... only my thoughts, and I'm lucky to have an outlet to express them so vividly. 

So in this Jaunt I want to let you know what I want in terms of my future, so you can better understand where I come from presently. 

After I graduate university, I want to spend my life doing two things: Understanding humanity, and being independent. One's so broad, the other so specific but I can bet you don't know which is which. To me understanding Humanity is the broad goal, and becoming independent is the specific. I feel that living my life independently will be the easier of my two pursuits, but will define me more as a person down the road. Understanding humanity could be made a broad subject, but I don't want it to be. To me, understanding us humans is simply exploring the presuppositions that we all make before any step forward. I want to be able to walk into a room and understand where everyone in that room has come from, what they are doing now, and where they are going in life. Easy sounding enough right? Knowing someone because of the way the talk, or dress is too shallow, I want to know someone based on the way they think. And this level of understanding can be made by observation. Look at those around us and realize that what they say or do, how they talk or dress, is all meditated before hand. It is all predicted by their self conscious or conscious self. So before when I said that my grades, clothes, job, don't define me... I was telling a half-truth, because those things don't define me at face value, but dissecting them can reveal my true self and that of others as well. Living independently seems easy enough when compared with that level of understanding, but let me clarify what I mean.

Ever since I was young, I loved being indoors. Some people might substitute 'outdoors' in for the previous sentence, but I can't lie and say I lived to breathe fresh air every second. What my life has given me though, is enough outdoor experiences to respect nature, and the natural world around us, to embrace a lifestyle that gives me the ability to live a life dependent only on the forces that I can influence, in essence independent of variables. Living alone or with a significant other would allow me to be responsible for me and that person, influencing her or myself in a way that is beneficial for one or both of our situations. The same can be true for every aspect of my life if I wish it, and I do. Independence is a goal of my because wherever I end up in life I can say that I truly deserve to be there. Now that is not to say that I want to live a safe life in a padded room. But one where everyday, I have to be directly responsible for my own success as a man. I want to live in a world that I create, that is influenced solely by people that I want to to influence it. I have specifics, and some of you might wonder what they are exactly, but I will touch on them later down the road, and not presently.

So Independence and Understanding. That's where I want to be in the future. Those two dreams define me today, and they will define me in the future if I can stay true to my heart and mind. 

What I ask of you when you read this, is to sit and ponder where you want to be in the future. Wish, dream, and wonder where the roads of life will take you, but never forget that those goals of tomorrow have so much influence over who you are today.