Arcade Fire - Wake Up

Arcade Fire


Merge; 2004

Has there been a song so exhilarating and simultaneously poignant as "Wake Up" in the past decade? I stumbled across this track this morning and couldn't help but post it in mere reflection and nostalgia of the exemplary time in which Arcade Fire came about. Funeral (2004), without going into extreme detail, changed music. It brought a band so vivid and talented, but still lovable enough to cross into mainstream culture. Arcade Fire does more than create epic rock ballads while maintaining lyrical and musical integrity--they connect to the hearts their audience, both old, young, and growing. "Wake Up" deals with the conflicting struggles of having to grow up. Straight postures, learning to tie a tie, and dealing with the modern world is something that Arcade Fire is not interested in. They want to remain kids with warm hearts. That is not to say that Arcade Fire is naive. They are fully aware of the sobering realties of age, but they realize that they "have to adjust". Adjusting doesn't mean getting a desk job and learning how to tie that tie, but rather they have learned to manifest their adolescent enthusiasm into the beauty of their music. Through epic chants and varying musical structure, Arcade Fire teaches us that its ok to grow up, just don't let your heart grow cold.