Beach House - Myth

Beach House


Sub Pop/ Bella Union: 2012

Beach House is the duo project of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. The opening track of Bloom, their amazing 2012 release, is "Myth". Like many Beach House tracks, it starts with an anchored and tinkering beat followed by a shimmering guitar progression. Legrand's opens with distinctive and burly vocals that eventually evolve into poignant high cracks crying of desperation. Her impressive vocal range and cadence mark her as one of the most talented female artists in modern day music.  She sings, "help me to make it", as she is faced with burdensome consequences of believing in something that wasn't real. This deception provides the listeners with the advice, "If you built yourself a myth/know just what to give." In typical dream-pop fashion, the song outbreaks into wide sparkling guitar and power vocals drenched in reverb. Beach House's lyrical prowess along with their stadium-styled performance elements are what not only define the group, but what makes their tracks so big. "Myth", and songs by Beach House in general, are not confined to just headphones or even thundering concert speakers. They are as wide as space and fill even the thinnest crevices in your heart.