Born Gold

Once a force of Gobble Gobble, and formerly a figment of imagination for Purity Ring, electro-pop legend Cecil Frena fronts the modern reincarnation of fundamentally soul blooming synthetic sound: Born Gold.

What I look for more and more in music is the ability to safely navigate the fringes of depravity. Cacophony should always be on the verge of spilling over onto a track and this uneasy balancing act of almost sounding like garbage claims many who dare walk the slippery slope in the musical fallacy that is great electronica. In fact the genre is so good at exploring fringe that often I have to label individual projects because they quickly can be heard as major influences in new work. Born Gold's debut 'Bodysong's' is certainly engaging with Lawn Knife's synthetic introduction, a sort of digitization of coastal indie riffs. 

In a sophomore attempt that reigns in the reaching scope of synthetic sounds, 'Little Sleepwalker' introduces a form to the madness that existed in 'Bodysongs' by exploring some trap elements that honed the sounds to a point. Sky Bicycle's skittering melodies and modulated vocals offer a uniquely liquid experience that is continued throughout the EP.

'I am an Exit' is the most sincere synth pop album in my collection, it's a journey into a mind that has realized some of the best indie pop tracks of the decade and hopefully will be able to catalyze the genre through a fresh experimental edge honed down through pure passion. Gone is the corruption boarding on audio cacophony as seen in 'Body Songs', and after exploring trapist and trance aspects of EDM comes a track like this:

A true merging of some of the best edges of music in a world dominated by what seems to be a cut and copy production mindset. Born Gold has truly become gilded.