Chromatics- "Lady"


Kill For Love

Italians Do It Better; 2012

Disco-Pop band Chromatics released Kill For Love in March, 2012. One of my personal favorite tracks, of the very many, is “Lady.” It intros with a sharp and driving synth followed by building bass and a metallic sheen. When the beat hits, it hits hard. It’s crisp, sharp, and anything else that we can expect from an Italian produced dance pop record. Lead vocalist Ruth Radelet’s exhibits borderline monotonous vocals, but they don’t make dull of the sharpened beat. Instead they add a layer of simplicity and an emotional aspect hopelessness. This song is best heard while driving downtown with the windows down. But instead of pretending you are Ryan Gosling from the motion picture Drive, try focusing on the music. The crackling guitar and bright snaps bring this production beyond your typical disco pop record. Give “Lady” a listen, and the entire album Kill For Love if you get the chance.