College- "A Real Hero" (feat. Electric Youth)

Various Artists

Drive OST

Lakeshore; 2011

If you happened to watch the 2011 arthouse action-thriller Drive , then you can probably stop reading right now because you know exactly what I am about to say. The track is evocative of 80's style dream pop with its scintillating synths and reverb snare. The vocals are thin as air yet crisp, indicating solid production quality. There are two elements of this track that make it an effective part of the soundtrack. First, the lyrical content perfectly demonstrates the narrative and emotional complexity of the protagonist played by Ryan Gosling. Beyond that, the track will be stuck in your head. By stuck, I mean lodged, jammed, and never leaving. That is important because, it is simply impossible to listen to this song and not reflect on the film and its content. The repetitive use of the track not only allows it to bury itself infinitely into your temporal lobe, but it makes you remember Drive, and maybe even makes you remember it as being better than what it was. I mean, the song is pink. And not just a regular pink, but the exact highlighter pink you see written on the title artwork. "A Real Hero" is catchy, it glistens, and is worth a listen. But more than anything, it does its job.