Crystal Fighters - You and I ( Cave Acoustic)

Making waves, 'You and I' by the Crystal Fighters has been seen remixed and over international radio repeatedly the past year. The feel good alternative dance group is able to spin definitive west coast beach vibes. The acoustical experiment of recording inside a cave shows the bands willingness to embrace a dynamic interpretation of it's music. The reliance on tribal and ethnic soundscapes to paint naturalistic images in the mind of listeners is bolstered by British vocalizations and western EDM bass lines.  

This acoustic version much is what makes Crystal Fighters unique. The bands personal influence becomes blurred and the music is able to be filtered through the nature acoustics of a cave. What occurs is a stripping away of the artificial inclusion of the music and a purist acoustical form able to be appreciated by any listener is left behind. Highly recommended, original as well. Crystal FIghter's needs to be on any spring break/summer beach playlist you own.