Deerhunter - Desire Lines


Halcyon Digest

4AD; 2010

Ok, so maybe the intro to this song sounds nearly identical to Arcade Fire's, "Rebellion (Lies)", but as the song progresses it takes a shape of its own. "Desire Lines" is the sixth track off of Deerhunter's amazing LP, Halcyon Digest.  A fuzzy and simply structured riff, descending clean guitarand vocals less influenced by technicalities, but by reminiscent emotion, construct the verses to the track. Deerhunter sings about excitement dying as one grows older, and how one should not be lead towards social 'norms', but rather what that person desires in his or her heart. In addition, the song preaches also the beauty and power of music. "Walk with me/Come with me/Far away/Everyday." Deerhunter is using music as a tool to escape the mundane world that tends to undertow the desires of the young. But not just to escape--they want to get lost. In the coda, that is exactly what we get. Layer upon layer upon layer of different riffs, arpeggios, and chords get piled on top of each other along with an accelerating and hammering drum pattern. The sonic wall of sound, defined by arpeggios and noodling bass, give the listener the "lost" feeling that Deerhunter so certainly craves.