Dirty Projectors - Stillness is the Move

Dirty Projectors

Bitte Orca

Domino; 2009

"Stillness is the Move" starts off with an aluminum tinker of a beat. Easily the most vibrant piece of percussion Dirty Projectors' have released, and in stark contrast to their latest and mellowest, Swing Lo' Magellan. While "Stillness is the Move" could be classified as pop music, it is still an eccentric track and a testament to the Dirty Projector's virtuosity as musicians. Stuttering guitar oscillates over  tinkering bass, and vocal harmonies are disorganized, erratic, yet extremely effective. Besides the clever construction and the interesting lyrics, Amber Coffman's vocal performance is beyond impressive. She covers extreme lows, splitting highs, and towards the end of the song she even breaks away with complete soul. Soul, is definitely something that you wouldn't find on your average DP track. But its delivered here with casual ease.