Dum Dum Girls- "Coming Down"

Dum Dum Girls

Only in Dreams

Sub Pop; 2011

Lead singer of the Dum Dum Girls, Dee Dee Penny, gives her heart and soul in the stadium rock heartbreak. "Coming Down" comes off of the 2011 release, Only in Dreams, and is definitely a track that is not only definitive for the all-girl dream rock group, but also a breath of fresh air. The introduction surrounds you with shimmering and distorted electric guitar. The song reminds me of "Free Bird". Not in lyrical influences or instrumentations, but in the way it draws you in and makes you think, "Damn, that was a good song." Penny uses the "Coming Down" drug reference to express her feelings after heart break. Penny isn't completely splintered or having difficulty with moving on. "By tomorrow I'll be leaving" she states almost trembling, but she isn't afraid to leave this evidently abusive relationship. Penny recognizes it as a necessary step for moving on. Despite the simple chord structure and a mediocre bridge, "Coming Down" still makes for a solid track. The glaring drug reference suggest that yeah she will probably miss the high, but the pain of continuing is too much. The fact that she states she is "Coming Down" means that she sees herself sobering up in the future. Penny is proud, and it shows on the track. If you are interested to hear more from the talented group, check out their new EP End of Daze.