Elbow- "Weather to Fly"


The Seldom Seen Kid

Geffen/Fiction; 2008

"Weather to Fly" is a product of Elbow's 2008 release, The Seldom Seen Kid.  On "Weather to Fly", lead singer Guy Garvey reiterates in scratchy falsetto the possibility of his big moment. "Are we having the time of our lives?/are we part of the plan here?" Guy Garvey has always had a knack for poetic lyrics, but on "Weather to Fly", the lyrics flow, they mesh, and they makes sense. Musically, the song is peaceful and private. Acoustic bass, crystal acoustic guitar, and a timid horn section provide the orchestral backings for Garvey's lyrical prowess. Garvey provides his mental reasoning for himself to do something different. Not just for being unordinary or the typical opposition to conformism. Garvey needs escape. "We should pull out the thread that was stitching us into this tapestry vile" Garvey suggest, but not to us. The soliloquy infers that he is not being trapped by force or burden, but doing something just to disconnect. Whether that disconnect happens from a small town, a father, or a musical style. Garvey feels the opportunity to escape from personal and emotional trappings, and what a perfect day it is to have these feelings of escaping, because there is "perfect weather to fly".