Fleet Foxes- "Montezuma"

Fleet Foxes

Helplessness Blues

Sub Pop; 2011

This song is one to remember. It almost deserves an full length review, but unfortunately I only have a paragraph or two. "Montezuma" comes of Fleet Foxes' latest release, Helplessness BluesThe album is incredible and I encourage you to get it now. "Montezuma" is the intro to the entire LP and the slowest as well. It starts off with quick-picked electric guitar and gorgeous vocals from lead singer Robin Pecknold. Calming background vocals with subtle percussive decorations all build the stage for Pecknold's poignant voice. Not only is his voice as unique as they come, it is filled with thought, emotion, and character. The song features typical Fleet Foxes percussive elements, and a chamber of perfect harmonies. What separates this track, and band, from most folk groups is the incredible lyrics and themes. Pecknold questions, "So now that I am older/than my mother and father/when they had their daughter/now what does that say about me?" That lyric not only strikes a chord within the listeners' hearts, but gives a dangerous introspection to Pecknold's views about his own success and meaning. He questions all that he has done, all he has worked for, and how much time he has left. That is just something you won't find on a typical Mumford & Sons album.