Flying Lotus- "All In"

Flying Lotus

Until the Quiet Comes

Warp; 2012

If you aren't down for electronica, "All In" is probably not for you. "All In", comes off of Flying Lotus' latest release, Until the Quiet Comesand is thus far receiving positive reviews. Electronica is a divisive genre amongst modern music listeners. Most don't notice, but electronic implementations are evident in virtually all music we listen to today. On "All In", the intro track of the LP,a strong jazz fusion element is incorporated into the electronic atmosphere. The song almost feels like floating in space with its shimmering keyboard (similar to The Doors' "Riders on the Storm"), subtle use of horns, and funky bass clavichords tones. The beat is involving but not too intense. It's easy to drift off and relish in the stammering drums and gorgeous chimes. Shakers and other percussion elements are used heavily, making the track sound organic and raw, not just computer software. The electronic climate and unbound jazz bass are complementary of one another and play freely with each other as the gait increases. Until the Quiet Comes is a triumph for Flying Lotus. It even features a track with Thom Yorke, further associating Yorke with the electronic music he has been producing and creating lately. If the track and electronic music in general is not for you, that is fine; but brace yourselves, for here lies the possible future of music.