Frank Ocean - Super Rich Kids (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

Frank Ocean

Channel Orange

Def Jam; 2012

Not only has Frank Ocean been Grammy nominated, but he also has blasted out of Odd Future and into stardom. We are all glad to see someone with such raw talent to actually be recognized in popular culture. In "Super Rich Kids", off of Channel Orange, a tinkering beat is followed by startlingly heavy piano chord strikes. The "Bennie and the Jets"-like piano is succeeded by  Ocean's thematic chorus: "Too many bottles of this wine we can't pronounce/Too many white lies and white lines." Ocean is recognizing the trappings of wealth on the youth who have it, and by these lyrics, it looks like they have plenty of it. The song mentions Jaguars, xanax, the help, and throwing parties while dad's away. Towards the end of the night, Ocean finds himself on top of building and drunk. "I say I'll jump, I never do", Ocean admits. Juvenile behavior? Or is Ocean trying to comment on the hollowness and ultimate dissatisfaction of the life of leisure? The chorus sang by Ocean mentions that behind the veneer of "caddy-smashing" and silver spoons, he is really just in search of "a real love." The blessing of fortune not only has psychological consequences on Ocean's character, but also manifests itself as emptiness in need of something real.