The best production duo I've got on my EDM playlist, the newly formed power synth duo Galantis has been fundamentally changing the way I judge good EDM. 'Smile' their undeniable mega hit is honestly one of my favorite tracks of all time and the perfection of their melody phased together with so many perfected synthesizers is comparable to audible euphoria and I indulge almost every hour. The sudden break into the ethereal vocalization of, " you don't know anything at all...." is so introspective that the intensity of the massive drop took me completely by surprise. The hook makes memories and the beat gleefully creates an ecstatic fantasy. Together this track is a destiny carving tool that will literally implode any dance floor or social gathering. Congratulations you know the dirtiest secret in EDM.  

"Smile, I said Smile"

I have yet to even discuss the newest addition to my incredibly biased super fan review of anything Galantis touches: 'You'. In a track that had high expectation upon release, the duo smash it out of the park. The subtlety of the intro is only broken by the low frequency bass line clarified by gently introducing the chorus:

"I remember you"

And the pattern begins to form: Vocal isolation, Overlapped and stuttered hooks that seemingly float on blossoming bass and treble support tracks, Drop's that sneak and blow with such intensity that any external attention gets redirected. These tracks are loud and proud and excellent. 'You' is a little less extravagant than 'Smile' Yet still pushes the genre to production limit.


The complexity of both tracks lends to the talent of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow. European based producers explain some of these trends as so far both sounds cater to more European stylistic tastes; Americans love hard hitting base and catchy hooks, but their allegiances lie with big names and showmanship. While I have yet to see any evidence contrary for Galantis, they need a big US hit to cement appearances stateside. Then the fun begins, and these guys will take off.