Girls- "Love Like a River"


Father, Son, Holy Ghost

True Panther; 2011

Christopher Owens recently announced via twitter that Girls is no more. He stated that "[his] reasons are personal." The San Francisco based band has had three releases to date and it is a shame to see them split. Listen to "Love Like a River" from their  last LP, Father, Son, Holy Ghost. The track, like many, take from many greats from the past. With the rhythmic piano chords, one cannot help but to reflect to the musical styles of the 60's and 70's, specifically McCartney's "Oh Darling!" off of Abbey Road. With old school arpeggio, thinly sliced organ, and gospel background vocals, "Love Like a River" not only displays Girls' stylistic influences, but demonstrates their musical ability of taking from past generations, but not taking too much. Girls manage to be themselves despite extremely present influences. Costello, Deep Purple, and Randy Newman are all factors and forms of guidance on Father, Son, Holy Ghost; however, every single track on this LP is a Girls track. It is clear to see the influences, but with the lyrical simplicity and Owen's uniquely damaged voice, Girls don't come off as a cover band. Listen to "Love Like A River" and you will know what I mean. If you miss the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Costello, and surf-rock, then give Father, Son, Holy Ghost a chance and you won't be disappointed.