Grimes - Genesis



Arbutus/4AD; 2012

So I am the only one who has like the weirdest crush ever on Grimes? Maybe so. Regardless, her music is unique, definitive, and completely immersive. "Genesis" comes from her latest release, Visions. Heavy bass synth with subtle static is followed with angelic pentatonic arpeggio. The track, like many on the album, is redolent of southeast asian music. The use of the celestial scale as well as oriental arpeggios give this song an exotic flare that we just don't see that often. Besides the asian influences, Grimes provides us with a snapping beat and her typical vocals. Her voice sounds immature and adolescent. At times, almost infant. But as airy or light the vocals get, her inflection and embellishment of her lyrics not only demonstrate her vocal ability, but add character to the track. Lyrically, Grimes cries that "her heart will never feel/Will never see/Will never know." The numbness present in the lyrics is bolstered by her childlike desperation of her voice. Grimes gives us a lot to examine here. Asian flared arpeggios, layers and layers of vocal mist, and lyrical prowess. All of this amounting to a solid track, and also probably the reason for my uncanny crush. I can't be the only one.