Grizzly Bear - Yet Again

Grizzly Bear


Warp; 2012

"Yet Again" comes off of Grizzly Bear's latest, ShieldsThe song intros with drums, similar to The National's "Bloodbuzz Ohio", and beautiful metallic guitar strums. Ed Droste's vocals, poignant and personal, are held above water by a gentle, yet reinforcing piano ballad structure. Background harmonies, along with cyclical drum patterns, add to the swirling-dream effect of the track. The chorus hits and is arguably one of this year's best. Light synth quickly stutters and claws at the guitar's high arpeggios. Droste's sings, "Take in all in stride/Speak don't confide", as a supposed personal mantra of perseverance and acceptance. Droste is likely referencing any criticism or feelings of rejection he and his partner have experienced since their recent marriage. What Grizzly Bear gives us is more than an enjoyable five minute track. They give us musical hypnosis and therapy. We can all learn from Droste's meaningful lyrics, and because they come from a place so personal to him, they must be true. By the end of the track Droste's calming and certain message is ultimately interrupted by a clattering tempest of distortion, fuzz, and chaotic alloy. Think about it.