Kishi Bashi- "Bright Whites"

Kishi Bashi

Room for Dream EP

Kishi Bashi is the project of  Montreal-based musician K Ishibashi. Room For Dream EP was released in 2011 and is 21 minutes of dazzling folk-pop, cute lyrics, and orchestral highlights. In "Bright Whites," a choir of school children chant with glee in Japanese on top of bright acoustic guitar, tambourine, and an optimistic beat. Kishi Bashi is no lyrical genius. "Bright White" features lyrics that are bubble gummy, cutesy, and twee; but what defines this track is the creative and friendly folk-pop based melody and well-crafted electronic subtleties. Bashi's mobile orchestrations and use of active harmonies are strongly reminiscent of Paul McCartney. He flirts with major scales harmonies and inserts candid voice clippings. It feels live. It feels fun. It feels good. "Bright Whites" sounds like something Paul might do had he been surrounded by modern day pop and electronica. For all you Beatles devotees, I am not comparing the legend McCartney to the recent and rising Bashi. I am merely stating that there exist strong similarities in the work between them. Listen to "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," and you'll understand. As I previously stated, Bashi's lyrics are nothing new or impressive, but they do deceive the listener into believing that this song is adorable when really its just about sex. Bashi was gutsy enough to write, "take one look to find my eyes/safety is in your inner thigh." Instead of cuddly and superficial sexual censorship, Bashi boldly makes his most honest lyric of the track. Overall, "Bright Whites" is a worthwhile track. It catchy, clean, cleverly constructed, and an overall blast. Most importantly, the track doesn't compromise its listening value despite its less-than-briliant lyrics. It is well worth the while, and is likely to be stuck in your head for hours.