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LCD Soundsystem

This is Happening

Virgin/Parlophone/DFA; 2010

I refuse to believe that LCD Soundsystem has broken up, but I suppose all good things must come to an end. I will tell you however, that they sure ended with a bang. "Home" is the last track off of their last studio release. It begins right on cue-- a driving kick drum, tinkering percussive elements, stuttering guitar, and revolving keys. The beat is definitely danceable, but it's more poignant than your typical electro-disco track. While 99% percent of songs titled "Home" are clich├ęd and melodramatic, LCD Soundsystem expresses "Home" as not exactly a place of comfort or warmth, but rather as a location of escape or realization. As LCD Soundsystem neared an end as a group, emotions raised and tensions were strung. The typical attitude of just dancing the night away to forget realities is prevalent on this track, but it goes beyond that. Singer/songwriter James Murphy encapsulates every punky attitude that LCD stands for, but at the same time manages to deliver a poignant and powerful message. LCD truly left while they were on top. Goodbye LCD Soundsystem. You will be missed