Local Natives- "Wide Eyes"

Local Natives

Gorilla Natives

Frenchkiss; 2010

Local Natives released their debut album, Gorilla Manor, in 2010. To me they sound like a hybrid of the Fleet Foxes and Arcade Fire, and on a few tracks the similarities are simply too powerful to ignore. The harmonies and even individual vocals sound like Fleetfoxes' own Robin Pecknold. On "Wide Eyes", the similarities are less present and Local Natives are able to be their own band. We get a clean guitar riff, stammering side stick patterns, and a simple guitar slide decoration. The harmonies are sharp and backed by crystal guitar arpeggios. Lyrically the song makes supposed drug references and even an allusion to the "Buddah Boy" that featured in a PBS documentary. As the song approaches the bridge, we hear stops, slams, and sticks. The track becomes so percussive it could appear in a STOMP performance. Local Natives have definitely stirred up some noise for themselves with Gorilla Manor. We are all excited for what they will give us on their upcoming album, Hummingbird.