Mac DeMarco- "Ode to Viceroy"

Mac DeMarco


Captured Tracks; 2012

Here comes another off of Mac DeMarco's latest release, 2"Viceroy" is as real a song can get. I mean, the song is about cigarettes. And while the majority of folks haven't even heard of the brand, I'm sure that they can all relate to the feeling of that first puff. "Viceroy early in the morning/just trying to let the sun in and open up my eyes." DeMarco isn't putting a poetic flare on this track, and why would he need to? Musically the track is cohesive with the rest on 2. Dreamy guitar, with sharps highs, muddy bass, and the deep and tired voice DeMarco has defined so memorably. Towards the end of the song we get a falsetto that is rare (and impressive) from DeMarco's smoke filled lungs. As I have mentioned before, DeMarco delivers on this LP. "I'll smoke you 'till I'm dying," DeMarco smirks, and that is basically what you can expect from him. Honest. Real. Not too heavy. Not too light. DeMarco is chilled out and "just trying to keep it cool."