Miguel - Adorn


Kaleidoscope Dream

RCA; 2012

I can't remember being this into an R&B ever since Usher's confessions. "Adorn" comes off of Miguel's latest release, Kaleidoscope Dream. While the entire album is not as inspiring or even entertaining as "Adorn", it was still without a doubt the year's best in R&B. A light atmospheric synth and minimal beat immediately grab the attention of a fuzzed-out bass and Miguel's vocal intricacies, both playful and technical. It is certainly clear that the song is about an earnest love, but it's not only the fact that Miguel screams "baby" like twenty times. It is a combination of the simplistic lyrics, the undeniably perfect melody, and Miguel's dazzling vocal abilities. Upon first listen and last listen, it is clear that this is the "Sexual Healing" of this generation.