of Montreal- "The Past is a Grotesque Animal"

of Montreal

Hissing Fauna, Are you the Destroyer

Polyvinyl; 2007

Ready for an epic? In order to truly enjoy this track from of Montreal, you'll need a love for epics. This song builds up for its' duration, leaving one in anticipation, often questioning if it's the same song or not. It's so oddly relatable and emotional. The lead singer Kevin Barnes' voice echoes through the track as a sort of odd angel, with the rest of the band keeping the anticipating building. This song feels so directional, as if the overarching message will be delivered at the end of the building sounds. Of Montreal are the masters of the odd and unique, and as Kevin sings that he "needs you here and not here too," we can all relate. "Things can be different, but they're not." It seems so simple, but that's just it! This stripped down idea is universal and common to us all. Maybe it's just best to sit alone in a candle-lit room and meditate to this song to truly grasp it's essence. Either way, it's sheer brilliance.