Panda Bear- "I'm Not"

Panda Bear

Person Pitch

Paw Tracks; 2007

Panda Bear is the experimental side project of Animal Collective founder Noah Benjamin Lennox. Person Pitch is the third album released by the solo project, and the most critically acclaimed.  It goes without saying that Panda Bear is not for everyone. Most of the criticism towards the project is due to the highly experimental tendencies and often excessive loops or layers of sound. Despite being at the top of most “Best of 2007” lists, Panda Bear has been simply condemned by many to being “just noise.” Here on “I’m not,” Panda Bear delivers. A dreamy vocal loop repeats for the entirety of the track, accompanied by atmospheric surfaces, and chilled out whirring synth. With all of its heavy layering, the track feels ambiguous. On top of the melodic droning, Lennox’s melody contributes to ambiance while defining the track lyrically. Lennox resorts to one of his common motifs: Fatherhood. On Animal Collective’s acclaimed and influential Merriweather Post Pavillion, Lennox is frozen by the fears and tribulations of being a father. “I’m Not” was created before Merrweather, and  is therefore an example of lyrical development in Lennox’s career. Connect to the soporific mood and personal lyricism of “I’m Not,” and check out both Panda Bear and Animal Collective when you get the chance.

"I'm Not" Lyrics

I'm not ready
for it
but then ever I could be

I'm not

No name
for her
but as it comes
we'll name each after its way

I'm not

As with all else
any piece
has its place
and form to fill

I'm not