Panda Bear - You Can Count On Me

Panda Bear


Paw Tracks; 2011

Panda Bear's Noah Lennox is perhaps better known by his work through the successful experimental group, Animal Collective. In Animal Collective, Panda Bear's circular and meditative vocals are often juxtaposed with co-member Avey Tare's angular and energetic phrasings and rhythms. On, "You Can Count On Me", however, Lennox belts out his signature harmonies over rippling guitar and grandiose drums. "Know you can count on me", Lennox assures as his voice soars over pounding stomps and claps. Lennox shrouds his verses in clippings of voices and effects that feel like intimate glimpses into his past. "I wanna put a bubble around you like a force field switch/keep you safe for just a little bit." At times Lennox's lyrics can verge on cloying, but his stern attitude asserts the simple message that Lennox is making--"Know you can count on me/know at least I'll try." A song has never felt so safe. By use of beautiful harmonies and sincere lyrics, Panda Bear proves yet again that he is capable of creating a track melodically relevant and poignant while simultaneously defining a sound that is clearly his own.