Passion Pit- "Constant Conversations"

Passion Pit


Columbia 2012

Passion Pit struck big with Gossamer. Arguably the best track off the album is "Constant Conversations." A high pitched and wobbling synth along with a slow clapping beat gives this song quite the vibe. Brushing snare, subtle "wahs", and a simple bass line create this song as its own. The females background vocals are virtually 100% composed of "oh's" and "ah's", but the harmonies are extremely precise and considerably complicated. All of these elements combine to form the first "slow-jam" that Passion Pit has ever released. We are used to the joyous, optimistic, and colorful tracks that Passion Pit is so known for. But here we have funk. We have a beat. We have soul. Michael Angelakos sings, "And now I'm drunker than before they told me drinking doesn't make me nice." The lyric not only gives insight into Angelakos troubled personal life, but meshes with the attitude of the track. Oh, yeah and you are going to want to hear the falsetto we get in this. Angelakos has got soul.