Phonat - Identity theft EP

Phonat, under Sonny Moore's (AKA Skrillex) music group OWSLA , has released his debut EP which is an impressive composition piece. Where music meets, art, the composition becomes a journey, a very glitch centrist journey, complete with isolated D&B, R&B, and Jazz influences. Glitch which has stylistically been complied into it's own unique genre recently, is certainly the motif genre of the EP, but try and pick out the glimpses into other genres as well, synthy chord progressions, fragmented vocal samples, and hi-hat heavy drum lines. Borderline trip hop, Phonat creates exactly what an artist should when releasing an EP, a fantastic expression of experimental sounds. Throw on your headphones, pick an EQ that highlights the mid-highs and mid-lows, and enjoy the trip. OWSLA has continued to push the fringe EDM scene, and Phonat is a fantastic surreal addition to that label.