Phonat - Never EP

I believe that the future of pop lies in the past. That a cyclical revisiting of Afro and Latin funk from the 70's and 80's modulated with electro-synthetic overtones of the late 80's, 90's, and most recently the end of the first new millennial decade.

In theory, Phonat approaches this conglomeration with vocals that play upon a stereotypical sounds associated with the culture of funk. It's modern, and it sounds reminiscent of the past. But, 'Phase to Face' is masterful. The play on words subtle: technology is the only variable introduced to this mix of sounds and genre that changes every facet of it's previous identify, as if looking into a distorted mirror. 

The elasticity of funk is what I believe will give it chance in a heavily modulating music world. With access and production of electronic based music available to anyone with a computer it becomes a question of what musical heritage will hold up to modern pop culture, as well as allow for artistic and cultural distortion without loosing it's link to the past. 

Where 'Never' introduces the history, and 'Phase to Face' implies a juxtaposition of technology, the composition's inclusion of the Asa & Sorrow remix of 'Never' implies an even deeper depth of the mirror as dub and DnB are the dominant overtones, the truest mixture of Afrocentric and technological innovations in the musical field. 

Ending with Icarus's version, the return to roots with a modulated electro-funk remix. The journey is complete, from past influences, to modern rebirth, distortion, and refinement. The quest for sounds will take the listener as far back into the future as they are willing to go.

Solid all the way through, Phonat's Never EP can easily transition in out of electronic influence which provides a refreshing insight into a genre that will only grow with popularity as social trends continue towards a low powerful vibration bass energies instead of high range blaster tracks. 

Keep you ear's tuned for the soul filled funk and jazz undertones make their way back into the mainstream. Feel good electro-pop and chill-wave are going to be making massive inroads into mainstream tracks. Make sure you follow that progression with me here!