Mac DeMarco- "My Kind of Woman"

Mac DeMarco


Captured Tracks; 2012

Mac DeMarco shows us something on his first LP 2. On this LP, Mac DeMarco gets rid of the Elvis pastiche that was so prevalent on his debut EP, Rock and Roll Night Club. “My Kind of Woman” is one of my recent favorite tracks.  It gives me something that most songs cannot. With his dreamy arpeggio, sun-washed guitar, and gentle vocal crooning, DeMarco makes me desire this track the way he yearns for this woman. It lustful, and I can’t help but close my eyes and want the woman he sings of. DeMarco sings about going “crazy” and “mad.” “You’re my kind of woman,” he states as he is “down on [his] hands and knees.” DeMarco’s lyrics are sweet and borderline clichéd, but his tired and wistful tone passes these lyrics as a genuine product need.