Tame Impala- "Elephant"

Tame Impala


Modular; 2012

I have been waiting for Tame Impala for a long time. And now that they are here., I just can't get enough. "Elephant" comes off of their amazing release, LonersimIt is raw, rugged, and designed to perfection. The song begins as it ends, with crunchy distorted guitar and a driving rhythm. It's reminiscent of something the Beatles would have created in collaboration with the Doors, or even Pink Floyd. It's a neo-psychadelic concoction of our past generations, but it doesn't sound recycled. It sounds like I am hearing the 70's in a different way. Ok, so yes Kevin Parker does sound a lot like John Lennon. But again, it doesn't sound like a rip off. His failure to perfectly replicate Lennon's vocals makes him even more unique of a vocalist. As the song approached midpoint, a wave of equalized sound approaches and leads into an amazing instrumental ride. Guitar and synth simultaneously jam out making for an amazing experience, almost as if you are seeing them live. Just when you think the solo is over, it turns around and goes for another few bars, even more amplified than the first few. It is so refreshing to see a band take an instrumental break for this amount of time. What separates Tame Impala from your average psychedelic rock garage band is their extreme expertise in designing sound. Their guitars and effects sound reminiscent to past decades, but extremely unique at the same time. "Elephant" is truly a breath of fresh air.