The Antlers - Drift Drive

The Antlers    Undersea   Anti-; 2012

The Antlers 


Anti-; 2012

The Antlers have been extremely good at putting me to sleep for the past few years now. I do not mean to say that they are lackluster or creatively tepid; it is that they are so soothing and organic that it is impossible to close your eyes and drift away. On the appropriately named, "Drift Drive", off of their latest, Undersea, a typical Antlers track unfolds with clean guitar strikes on top of a thin and tranquil synth. However, The Antlers have included various liquid textures on this track, including both the musical and lyrical aquatic elements. Watery bubbles create an oceanic ambiance while the lyrical phrase, "swim up...", compliments the watery textures, and uses liquid depth as a metaphor for patience and time. "Drift Drive" certainly can be appreciated for its serenity and soporific elements, but it doesn't simply put you to sleep; it draws you into the oceanic depths of repose.