The dø - The Wicked and the Blind

The Dø

Both Ways Open Jaws

Six Degrees; 2011

There are so many good things to say about this duet called The dø. This Finnish/French indie pair have been making music since 2007 and touring the world since 2008, with marked success in France. Each of their songs sound independent from one another; they thrive when it comes to variation, and know how to keep an album interesting. Though still cohesive as whole, the differences among songs keep the listener actively engaged, and never bored. This track is called "The Wicked and the Blind," off of their latest record, the 2011 Both Ways Open Jaws . All of their glorious harmonies mixed with a choppy and sensual melody culminate into a song full of volume. This song is a great example of their more psychedelic and experimental stylizations, very reminiscent of the Beatles' middle years throughout . This band is currently in the studio, and I can't WAIT to hear more.