Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - Hand Covers Bruise/In Motion

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

The Social Network OST 



The Social Network tells the story of a young and flippant Mark Zuckerberg's questionable rise to social networking power. Even though having encountered litigious Ivy leaguers and personally destroying all the relationships around him, Zuckerberg seems pretty satisfied with his accomplishments. This is why the film was such a success. Beyond the exciting dorm-room coding sessions, there lies an emotional core that characterizes Zuckerberg in two fashions: a charismatic intellectual, or a snotty genius who'd sell out anyone. Trent Reznor and frequent collabortater Atticus Ross perfectly displayed this duality through their amazing soundtrack. "Hand Covers Bruise" is just a glimpse into what the entire soundtrack has to offer in regards to it's emotional identity. Its stuttering violins and simplistic piano demonstrate Reznor's classical prowess, while its screeching violins embellish the track with tasteful anxiety. The second posted track, "In Motion", is a more encapsulating sample of the overall soundtrack. The kinetic 16-bit synth moves up and down the track and oscillates over classical piano elements. The track demonstrates the dual nature of the film, while allowing for vehement emotional development through the use of juxtaposing compressed and ethereal synths. The track is a modern masterpiece that could be the soundtrack to an exclusive Ivy League party, intense coding sessions, or the chaotic, self-destructive nature of Zuckerberg's ascension into social networking glory.