Washed Out- "You and I"

Washed Out

Within and Without

Sub Pop/Weird World; 2011

Look at that album cover. Now listen to this song. Now go get your significant other and get some funny ideas. The song isn't pornographic, but its steady throbbing lows and intimate vocals emanate a sexual ambiance. Having said this, "You and I" makes for a great track. It comes off of Washed Out's second release, Within and WithoutIt introduces with female indistinguishable harmonies and a pulsing synth. The harmonies are effective in making the listener want to harmonize with the performers. The beat introduces itself as not too fast nor too slow. It is steady, continuous, and deeply captivating. The track's chorus crescendos from electronic waves, delivers satisfying vocals from frontman Ernest Greene,  and includes subtle and effective use of tambourine. The use of narrative in the track not only adds to the sexual aspect of the song in terms of lyrics, but offer private image of a lover or a bedroom. The female voice will give you chills.