William Fitzsimmons - "I Don't Feel It Anymore"

William Fitzsimmons

"I Don't Feel it Anymore"

A wonderfully tragic melody floated upon a hauntingly absent bass line creates such a unique musical experience that William Fitzsimmons instantly captures the listener in, "I Don't Feel It Anymore" from his album "Derivatives".  The melody quickly interrupted by the cautionary lyrics, "Hold on, this will hurt more than anything has before" lends itself to the deep feeling of sadness that the artist is drawing inspiration from. Fitzsimmons, a beautifully adept multi-instrumental artist, has been around since 2005 and has a rather prolonged musical experience on popular television with his tracks appearing on various television shows in the later half of the decade. A plucky banjo introduces a strong folk overtone as the pure acoustics are broken up by Brooke Fraser's introduction as a female vocal element. Coupled with the hollow vocals, that mysteriously absent baseline emerges giving the track a wonderful fullness as the pair sing out, " Oh take it all away, I don;t feel it anymore".  Projecting folk, and acoustic based music, Fitzsimmons introduces such subtly electronic undertones that his music is just pleasantly relevant for any listening occasion.