Youth Lagoon- "Daydream"

Youth Lagoon

The Year of Hibernation

Fat Possum/Lefse; 2011

Youth Lagoon is the under-budgeted project of musician Trevor Powers. His debut LP, The Year of Hibernation, was released in 2011 and definitely provided the groundwork for Powers' future career. It is evident within the first moments of the album, that the budget on this thing isn't exactly what we would expect to see from bigger names like Arcade Fire. Powers is relatively unknown, lives in Boise, and recorded from home. The fascinating aspect of the album is despite extreme budget obstruction, Youth Lagoon manages to deliver 35 minutes of pure joy and entertainment. On "Daydream", we get a solid reiterating synth,  emotionally powerful reverb-drenched vocals, and lyrics that deliver. Power's reflects on his insightful walk in the park. Thoughts of his lover calms his headache in the woods. Then he leaves, running away,  as he continues to fight "the monsters locked in." While the lyrics don't exhibit any fascinating lyrical ability, they do demonstrate nicely his emotional stages in and out of nature. The first half of the track is back and forth between verse and guitar melodies (both creative), but the latter end demonstrate the "fighting monsters" part. An up-driven and optimistic beat, pleasant electronic additions, and grand chants from Power's poignant voice. I couldn't ask anything more than heart from Powers, and thats exactly what he gives.