I have noticed the symbiotic relationships that already exist between Peer-to-Peer file transferring services like Torrents (Information) and Crypto (Economics) yet I wonder if an implied virtual space exists within these various marketplaces and data sets, and if it does can we translate that implied space into an actively defined graphical and interactive state? The creation of an interactive marketplace for the exchange of information and services has been proven to be the catalyst for the spread of ideas and goods in our collective human history. Thus, the movement of ideas is inherently beneficial to the human ability to expand past cultural indifference or economic hardship.

The internet in it's current form has created a web of valuable exchanges for both economics and information to be shared and manipulated; it is my hope that I can expand that functionality by creating a virtual system to give that existing internet a form beyond hard data and external interaction:

I would like to present the idea that the two systems of Crypto Currency and Virtual Reality be combined together at the systemic level. As well as guided to evolve into a new system as a p2p interactive space, creating a virtual experience that combines the human conditions of entertainment, economic exchange, and the passing of information in the safety of digital interaction.

In modern times we have seen the incredible advancement of technology and the spread of globalization both culturally and economically, however some barriers yet remain: Economic indifference seen in the global economic hemispheres, as well as political and ethical differences have artificially dampened the effect of globalized networks through the limiting of access to certain data, or a strict regulation of economics both domestically and abroad. I hope to extract these artificial limitations by creating a space in which human access and involvement can be free from the boundaries placed on human achievement by those who exert power over them in any form.

The headlines of violence in parts of the world have proven that in certain spaces of our planet expressing dissenting opinion has lead to death and destruction of both man and his property; creating a safe space for people to exchange goods and services would allow for the most efficient form of human interaction in a rapidly advancing age of digitization.

I suggest creating a virtual space by translating our most celebrated human experiences into that space; by creating a global bazaar, a global university, and a global stage. Allow for users to virtually interact with other users in an environment where language boundaries can be overcome with translation technologies, where violence can be overcome by the absence of the means to violence, where information can transcend the bounds of cultural and ethical restraint. Where business may truly flourish in a free market. Our species has fallen in love with digital content, with false realities and the prospect of a future where dreams and impossibilities exist coherently within our homes and our economic interests. I want to live in a world where work done in a virtual space is just as valuable as work done in reality, where education and interaction with others is defined by common interest and understanding instead of geopolitical borders and economic inclusion. This idea is based on the creation of a virtual experience much like Tron or the Matrix, an implied space that can be augmented by individual users to their own preferences, yet allows for a fluid transition into other spaces both individual and common: A virtual hub world, an internet given form and function and backed by the existing economic model through crypto currencies.

With unlimited growth potential, and the hardware requirement in existence already or being developed currently, I believe now is the time to begin the framework for a world that transcends our own reality. By utilizing current trends in cloud computing, virtual/augmented reality, and crypto currency I believe a digital world should be developed to help give visual form to the internet, allow for users to manipulate and mold that world to their comfort levels, and promote the spread of ideas and economics through digital-virtual interactions.

Many of the already presented ideas in this competition can be easy formatted within a digital virtual experience: training for systems too dangerous for real world applications, business networks that allow for individualized completion through telecommuting, as well as concise and truly global standards of education that can be individualized and paced for the greatest efficiency.